Alcohol, drug use and mental health

Alcohol, drug use and mental health

Did you know, a person is most likely to experience mental ill-health during adolescence and early adulthood than any other stage of their life? It is also the period in life when people are more curious or susceptible to experimenting with alcohol and/or other drugs (AOD) for the first time.

At times it can be difficult to tell the difference between changes in young people as a result of mental ill-health or AOD use, or even other factors like stress – but often the two can be interlinked. AOD use can be a consequence of mental ill-health. For example, a person may use AOD to ‘self-medicate’ or cope with the symptoms of mental-ill health. Conversely, some mental health disorders may result in someone being more likely to experiment with AOD.

The signs of problematic AOD use in your young person could be social, psychological or physical.

You might see:

  • Changes in eating habits or weight
  • Changes in sleeping patterns
  • Sudden or frequent changes in mood or behaviour
  • Fluctuating energy levels (hyperactive and agitated/fatigued and sullen)
  • Slurred speech or being unsteady on their feet
  • Changes in performance or attendance at school, work or other activities
  • Loss of interest in hobbies
  • Money problems or a need for money
  • Changes in friendships, whether it be new friends or seeing friends less often.

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