Home Life – a safe place for recovery

‘Home Life’ at Tumbelin Farm is about creating a warm, welcoming and stable home-like environment.

‘Home Life’ is a safe place where:
  • Residents can relax and be their authentic selves.
  • All members of the community can experience and demonstrate non-judgemental acceptance.
  • Young people are cared for in ways which demonstrate they are valuable and worthy of love and connection.
  • Together, we model positive, restorative relationships.
  • We provide opportunities for learning and practising healthy habits and routines.

It is a place where we get to share feelings, practice vulnerability and build a sense of community.

Experiencing non-judgemental acceptance creates the conditions for young people to safely explore changes in their attitude and behaviours towards themselves and others. Self-awareness, self-esteem and a sense of hope associated with their non-using self can grow. Young people can begin to recognise and understand how drug and alcohol use led to chaos and disconnection in their former lives.

Tumbelin Farm provides young people with opportunities to learn and practise the skills needed to (re)create structure and a sense of order in their lives. For example, residents learn how to cook, clean, maintain personal hygiene and wash clothes as part of a weekly routine.  They also experience the benefits of sleeping and eating well. These positive, healthy habits support an emerging sense of well-being and provide the structure to sustain their recovery journey once they leave Tumbelin Farm.

‘Home Life’ also provides young people with opportunities to engage in Alcoholics and/or Narcotics Anonymous meetings, and access ongoing support and nurture through the recovery community. Guests from these networks are regularly invited for meals at Tumbelin Farm.  Residents can practise hospitality, listen to stories and learn from those further along the recovery road.

“Tumbelin” is a Ngarrindjeri word which means “Awaken and Live”.  Beginning a journey of recovery and becoming Awake and Alive is what Tumbelin Farm is all about.

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