Josh’s Journey Of Change

Josh was just 13 when his substance use began, soon after the death of a family member. By the time he was 15, Josh was dealing drugs and stealing from family to support his habit. He put his life in danger many times with extreme risk-taking behaviour. 

Josh’s drug use and underlying mental health issues had a huge impact on his loved ones. He struggled to make or sustain change after his first engagement in drug and alcohol counselling and admission to a youth accommodation and family reunification facility. 

Desperate for support, Josh’s parents reached out to Tumbelin Farm. Josh went through a two-day withdrawal from opioids, cannabis and alcohol in an acute mental health hospital ward. He arrived at Tumbelin Farm under heavy sedation. 

His first week at the Farm was very difficult. Josh had frequent violent emotional and physical outbursts, and began to despair. 

However, after a medication review Josh committed to stay at the Farm a little longer. He began sleeping better, learned to cook for himself and the other residents, and enjoyed the adventure therapy component of the program. 

Tumbelin Farm’s Counsellor worked intensively with Josh and his family to develop a Community Re-engagement Plan. Eventually, Josh felt he was ready to move back home. 

Josh’s time at Tumbelin Farm helped him begin his recovery journey.  Today, Josh’s accommodation is stable, he’s been working full-time and is about to begin an apprenticeship. He continues to meet with a psychotherapist and reach out to the Tumbelin Farm team for support. 

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