Regenerating young lives

The concept of Regeneration is central to what we do at Tumbelin Farm:

  • Regeneration of young lives impacted by the harms caused by drugs and alcohol, and
  • Regeneration of the environment impacted by the harms of farming in a way that has sought to control Mother Nature rather than working with Her.

Hear Farm Supervisor David Lohemeyer talk about the Farm Life component of Tumbelin Farm.

A native revegetation program is already well underway which will eventually see around 20% of Tumbelin Farm dedicated to a “biodiversity corridor” for animals, plants and insects. We have also implemented rotational grazing of livestock followed by long periods of rest which, over the next two to three years, will restore soil and perennial pasture health and lead to greater productivity.

We’ve been extremely fortunate to partner with Nic Kentish from RCS Australia to plan how Tumbelin Farm can become a leading exponent of Regenerative Agriculture in South Australia and integrate healing the landscape and environment with healing the lives of young people impacted by drug and alcohol use.

The Farm Life part of the Tumbelin Farm residential program provides young people with a variety of opportunities to engage in hands-on, empirical learning tasks that require hard work and resilience, with delayed reward for effort.

Working alongside the team’s Farmer, residents help in the day-to-day management of the property. This could include collecting eggs, feeding the calves, fencing, tending to the veggie garden, building projects, general maintenance and more. Clients gain experience of a hard day’s work and being part of a team, realising strengths and skills in the process. It’s our point of difference and one that we are proud to offer clients.

For insight into the Regenerative Agriculture principles and methodologies we’re putting into practice at Tumbelin Farm, check out this short video called “From the Ground Up“.   

Located in the Mt Lofty Ranges, Tumbelin Farm is a working property and has the capacity for 4 young people to stay at a time in a therapeutic, community setting.

For more information, click here to enquire now or call Travis Doecke on M: 0455 345 427.

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